3 Roofing SEO Strategies You Can Start Today

Roofing SEO


With consumers shopping online now more than ever, all industries must utilize comprehensive SEO, or search engine optimization strategies. Roofing businesses, although specialized, benefit greatly from having a strong roofing marketing strategy. Having one leads to increased online traffic, and gives more potential customers the ability to find your site easily and employ your services. In this blog, we’ll give you 3 roofing SEO tactics that you can begin implementing today to see financial gain and increased business awareness.

  1. Homepage SEO Tactics

Roofing SEO is helpful across all platforms, but arguably the most important is your website’s homepage. SEO tactics that are helpful for increased traffic are keywords, meaning highly searched words that are associated with your business, as well as long-tail keyword phrases which utilize said keywords in longer phrases. An example is “roofing replacement in Dallas”, these help people find the specific services your business provides. Other things businesses can look into are your headline tags, your meta descriptions, your internal and external links, and having high-quality images.

  1. Web Design

Web design isn’t just an aesthetic pursuit, but rather a way that the website is architecturally designed and with lead generation in mind. We know that the higher a business is on a search engine result page, the more consumers see your business, so your sitemap must be readable by Google. Otherwise, your site is unreadable by Google, which hinders your search engine placement. Your business’s URL should be “creep-able” by search engines, which means generally it should be formatted as “com/residential-roofing/, or .com/commercial-roofing/, or .com/roof-repair/.

  1. Creating a Business Profile

There are many tools that can help increase your roofing business’s SEO. One of which is creating a business profile. Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is an ideal place to start, as it helps potential customers find your company and discover the specific set of skills you specialize in, as well as discover companies that are geographically close to them. This is done through Google Local Pack. Having local SEO is essential to having a strong marketing presence because it narrows the results down from the vast amount of competing companies.

Ways that you optimize your profile is through the language you use and making the most of the characters allowed. Google Business Profile gives businesses the ability to write 750 characters for the main description alone. When writing this description, consider what makes your roofing company unique. Do you offer specialized services such as roof leaking repairs? Perhaps your business is aptly qualified to weather protect roofs for the climate in your area? Whatever makes your roofing company unique should be included in this section.

The best thing your company can do to increase its SEO is to work with the right roofing marketing agency, this will give you access to all the online tools you need, as well as copywriters to help create your website. BuildIt Digital Marketing has helped many roofing companies find their footing in the digital age of marketing.

Reach out today and see how they can increase your roofing business’s profitability.

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