How to Utilize Local SEO For Your Roofing Company

Local SEO Tips For Roofers

In the digital era, roofing marketing means more than flyers and radio commercials, it means having an engaged online presence with strong search engine optimization. If you own or run a roofing company, you’ve probably noticed that when searching online through Google, some businesses are listed on the top. It’s no coincidence that these companies generate the most business, as they are the most seen by online consumers searching for services. If you want to move up the ladder and take your spot at the top of the search engine results, you’ll need a solid roofing SEO strategy, which means using Local SEO. Here, we’ll go over how to utilize Local SEO tactics that will help your roofing company optimize its online performance.

Step 1: Check that All Information Is Correct Across All Major Local Directories

Before you begin to implement Local SEO for your roofing company, you want to see what is on the internet currently. Conflicting or unlisted information on Google or Google Maps, your website, local directories, or social media, can hurt your chances of booking new customers for roofing services. Therefore, the first step should be correcting any misinformation online and creating a cohesive and correct internet presence. Make sure that your NAP (name, address, phone) is the same across the board.

Step 2: Create A Google Business Profile Listing

Google Business Profile Listings allow customers who are searching for roofing companies near them to find not only the location of your business but learn about what makes your company great. Google Business Profile Listings are free for new customers who have a storefront or a service area. You can create a profile with detailed information about your services, as well as add photos that show off your finished projects, and most importantly, client reviews.

Step 3: Use Keywords In Your Profile

When creating your Google Business Profile Listing, you’ll want to use keywords and long-tail keywords to help boost your search engine optimization. There are a lot of resources to find the most searched keywords relating to your services, which can be found through Google. You should most certainly include those, however the more specific you get, the better the outcome will be. Refining your keywords down to phrases that are specific to what you do helps to get you to a higher spot on the search results page. Writing long-tail keywords that include the local area you serve allows you to be seen by consumers who are close to you. Especially in an industry like roofing, where customers may not know what to look for, proximity can be what makes or breaks a customer’s decision to work with your company.

Step 4: Work With A Roofing Marketing Agency

If you are struggling to utilize Local SEO Strategies, or still don’t have a firm grasp on what they are, don’t worry, agencies can help! Marketing agencies with specialized knowledge of Local SEO help with things like citations online, which will set you apart from the local pack. BuildIt Digital Marketing is a company that is experienced in Roofing SEO tactics, both local and otherwise, and can build your brand recognition and expand your customer base.

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