Roofing Marketing Social Media Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

Roofing Marketing Social Media Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

Social media management is no longer just for celebrities and fashion brands, but all companies that want to have a strong online presence. Having an engaged internet presence is necessary for financial growth and business development nowadays because so many consumers are shopping and searching online. Social media mistakes for roofing companies are not uncommon, but it can certainly hold businesses back from being lucrative. This article will go over some of the most common roofing marketing social media mistakes, and how your business can avoid these pitfalls.

  1. Not Having Any Social Media

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised just how many roofing companies don’t think they need any social media. The power of the platforms has been thoroughly documented across multiple industries, and the roofing business is no different. When you build a social media platform, businesses can connect with potential customers at the same time as building brand awareness. Brand awareness helps consumers remember your business’ name the next time they are in need of your services.

  1. Not Including Customers Reviews

A big mistake roofing companies make is not including their customer’s reviews. Doing this helps other potential customers feel secure and confident in hiring your company. It also gives them the chance to see the finished results of your work and the clients you’ve made happy. Including pictures and reviews of completed projects aids in your roofing businesses’ reputation, and the better your reputation the more projects will come your way. The vast majority of consumers look at a company’s online reviews before making a purchase.

  1. Having an Incohesive Social Media Presence

When online consumers are searching for companies in their area, you want your roofing business to be easily found and accessible. This means that all your social media platforms, as well as your website, should be under the same username. Just because your company has started an Instagram, doesn’t mean that you should opt for a quippy or witty username. Instead, keep your handle professional and similar, if not the exact same, as your business name, which should be the same as the one you have on your website. This helps with your Roofing SEO, making you easily searchable online.

  1. Not Including Your Employees

A common mistake companies make in roofing marketing is not showcasing the human beings who work within the company. Yes, you want to have completed projects that show off what your business is capable of, but you also want to put a face to the name. Featuring employees each week with a description of their job and a bit about them as a person helps consumers connect to your business and want to work with you. And remember, people buy from people!

  1. Not Working With An Agency

Agencies who specialize in online marketing tactics that drive traffic to your businesses will always be more informed than the businesses owners themselves, so whenever possible, it’s always best to use them. Hiring a roofing marketing agency, such as BuildIt Digital Marketing, can aid in taking all the right steps to create a financially beneficial online and social media presence.

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