The Secret to Digital Marketing is Using a Specialist for Your Niche

Roofing Marketing Agency

If you work in the roofing industry you know that it requires specific specialized knowledge and language which makes outsourcing your digital marketing strategy difficult and often unsettling. When looking to increase your sales (online), expand your customer base and increase your brand awareness, you need a specialist. A specialist is someone who has an extensive background in, not only digital marketing, but in the specific niche of the industry. For roofing marketing, companies need a roofing marketing agency that understands the business and has experience with roofing contractor marketing. They help companies see ROI or returns on investments as well as increased revenue for the year. In this article, we’ll go over what digital marketing entails, and why a specialist in the roofing niche is so important for your online marketing campaign.

What Is Digital Marketing and Why Is It So Important?

If you’re new to digital marketing you may be confused as to what it consists of, simply put, it is the use of online components to promote your services through computers, smartphones, social media, and digital media in general. These strategies can stem from social media engagement campaigns, content marketing, and email direct marketing. The tactics used not only offer roofing lead generation but can ensure that you’re the go-to roofing company in your area.

Why Having A Specialist Matters?

Digital marketing is essential for a company’s success in the modern era of online consumerism. But having a digital marketing company that specializes in your niche is just as important to your growth. This is because when you use a non-specialized marketing agency, you can get vague, unclear strategies that may work with other industries but not your own. They may offer PPC ads, meaning pay-per-click, which may give you a promising boost in sales but don’t offer additional tactics. This means the growth will disappear as soon as the company stops paying. Alternatively, non-specialists may only offer organic search optimization that will take months on end to give your business any meaningful ROI. Along with these issues, many marketing strategists don’t understand what roofing customers’ pain points are or what they’re looking for in a roofing contractor, so they are unable to connect with the intended audience.

What You Can Expect from An Expert?

When you opt for a specialist in the niche of your market, you can get a variety of localized efforts that create increased growth opportunities and a more widespread, loyal customer base. Below are a few of the things companies can expect when they work with a roofing marketing expert, such as BuildIt Digital Marketing. BuildIt is a roofing marketing agency that’s helped roofing contracts grow into business staples in their community and can do the same for you.


Buyer Persona Development: Before you begin implementing a digital marketing strategy you must first understand who your ideal consumer is. A specialist in the roofing industry can help you develop buyer personas that will allow you to create a strategy for digital marketing that shows real results. This will also eventually make your sales and processes easier.


SEO: Roofing SEO or Search Engine Optimization for roofing contractors can lead roofing companies to see increased brand recognition and guide ready-to-buy homeowners to your site. An expert knows how to utilize keywords that homeowners use when looking for roofing contractors as well as local keywords and phrases that are specific to your service area.


Digital Ads: Roofing PPC Ads and Social Media Paid Ads are vital to the Return On Investment (ROI) for roofing companies and contractors. More than 80% of the US population is on social media, which is why having an expert in the roofing industry controlling your social media accounts, and the paid ads your business can have online, is so important. But creating the right ads means that you need an expert, as these are the people who’ve seen what ads generate engagement within the roofing industry, and which ads fall flat.


Brand Reputation: Most consumers who are searching online rely heavily on the reviews of former customers. Even if your company has a great reputation offline, if it’s not featured online, such as on your website, social media and Google Business Profile listing, homeowners may be unaware. An expert in the industry will know how to manage and increase positive reviews and put them at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy through brand reputation. They’ll also understand the specific strengths of your unique roofing business, and can help accentuate those allowing you to stand apart from the rest.


The secret to a successful and effective digital marketing campaign is using a specialist for your niche. If you are serious about growing your roofing company, feel free to contact us to see how we might be able to help you.

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