The ELBS System

Unique Lead Generation System For Roofing Companies

How Our Digital Marketing Services Work


The Effective Lead Building Strategies (ELBS) System 


At BuildIt Digital Marketing, we take a unique and holistic approach to marketing by creating a multi-faceted strategy for roofing companies consisting of 5 main pillars. If you’re wondering how to get roofing leads, this is the most effective way. All of the digital marketing services we offer complement each other with the ultimate goal of growing your business. We call this The ELBS System and here’s how it works:


First things first, we have to get your roofing company in front of your target audience. Drawing upon the information gleaned from our buyer personas  we’ll identify the ideal targets for your services and come up with a sales funnel strategy to target customers at the right time of their buying journey.


We combine the power of paid search, social media ads, social media management and roofing SEO to get in contact with these potential customers.

Lead Generation

As your target audience engages with your ads and content, they’ll click a link to your site or your campaign-targeted landing page that we’ll create. Our team will implement a personalized roofing website design to ensure your site works optimally, engages visitors, and encourages them to convert (become a lead.) Your leads’ information will be stored in a CRM system on your website. An automated marketing strategy will be in place to automatically engage with your prospects, based on the actions they’ve taken.


Eventually, the online visitors to your site will become paying customers. This is the final stage and the ultimate goal of the complex and effective sales funnel our team will help you create. Here, our services leave off and you take over by doing what you do best: delivering high-quality roofing services to your ideal customers.


Reputation Management is key to online success for your roofing company. That’s why we will go the extra mile and put together a customer nurturing and feedback strategy to improve your online reputation and your customers’ lifetime value.

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